Gaskets & Seals

We are the largest supplier of Flexitallic spiral-wound gaskets in the Midwest. These gaskets serve many industries, including:

We stock gaskets ranging from class 150 to 2500, and diameters ranging from a half inch to over 42” in diameter. Additionally, we can furnish sizes over 90 inches in diameter. Whatever your needs, we have a gasket that will fill them!

Overviews of Some of Our Gaskets


The CHANGE gasket combines aspects of both a traditional spiral wound gasket and a kammprofile, but it improves upon both. The result is a semi-metallic gasket with superior recovery, pressure resistance and temperature resistance.


Thermiculite is made of chemically and thermally exfoliated vermiculite. It is similar to exfoliated graphite, but it has some advantages. First, it holds up better during extreme temperature fluctuations. Second, it will not oxidize at high temperatures like graphite will.


A line of biaxially oriented polytetrafluoroethylene  gasket materials. Sigma gaskets do not contaminate, making them perfect for use in the food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics industries. Sigma gaskets are FDA compliant and can seal anything across the entire pH range.

Spiral Wound Gasket

Spiral wound gaskets are designed to be excellent at recovering from any range of temperature and pressure fluctuations. There are a wide range of spiral wound gasket classes, so call F.B. Wright today to see which is the best for your needs.


For a more detailed list of technical specifications and applications, download the gasket data sheets here.


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