Change Gasket

Originally developed by Flexitallic in direct response to customers’ long-term heat exchanger sealing problems. Change™ is a highly-resilient metal-wound gasket, designed to deliver the most dynamic static sealing technology ever. Manufactured using proprietary equipment, Change™ has a proven track-record showing it outperforms conventional gasket technology in challenging environments, especially in applications with mechanical and thermal cycling conditions. It has also achieved independent industry accreditation from TA Luft for its ability to deliver the tightness of a Kammprofile with the recovery of a Spiral Wound Gasket. This is achieved through the application of a unique metal spiral profile, which is more advanced than those found in standard gaskets. This profile, combined with a laser welding process, facilitates the construction of a robust and dynamic seal.

Spiral Wound vs. Braided Hose

What is the difference between wire braid and spiral hydraulic hose?

The fluid power industry takes common knowledge for granted, but we often forget every single individual in the industry was once a beginner, not knowing of the basics. The quest for knowledge starts with the basics, and what is more basic than knowing the difference between two fundamental hydraulic hose construction types.

What is the difference between wire braid and spiral wound hydraulic hose?  This is a common and fair question. Both wire braid and spiral wound wire perform the same task.  However, there are slight variations.

A wire braided hose consists of crossing and woven high tensile steel wires overlapping one another to reinforce the tube below. Wire braiding machines perform a complex task of winding the wire intricately around the tube, like dancers around a horizontal maypole. The overlapping nature of braided wire not only increases burst resistance to the tube but also allows flexibility between the braids. The crisscrossing braided wire has more tensile play than a spiral hose, resulting in tighter bend radius and overall flexibility.

A spiral wound hose consists of two or more sets of helically wrapped high-tensile wire that exhibits excellent strength, making the hose very strong and very rigid. The resistance to pressure spikes is remarkably high, especially when compared to a braided hose. However, the bend radius suffers, and spiral wound hose is highly resistant to bending. This effect is especially evident with 4- or 6-wire hoses, which are required from many large diameter, high-pressure applications.

ICE Champion

Which to choose will depend on your application.  Although technology advances are improving the strength of braided hose, other technological advancements are improving the flexibility of spiral wound hose. The hose industry is highly competitive and ever changing, so you can expect improvements in both construction types as materials and manufacturing.

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McAllister Mills Electric Heated Blankets

F.B Wright is a distributor and fabricator for McAllister Mills products, including their electric heated blankets/jackets.  Winter has finally arrived, and with temperatures in the single digits, it’s important to protect high temperature textiles and applications.  These blankets provide freeze protection, process control and stability throughout the winter.  All of these electrically heated jackets are produced under one roof in the USA to deliver you quality at a value.  For more details or information, please contact us!


Hose Innovation-Not Imitation

At FB Wright, we manufacture and assemble hoses. A unique example of this are the hoses created by Aflex that we assemble. They are used for tough chemical and pharmaceutical applications. We detail these hoses below, and offer further detail via links to Aflex’s website. If you’d like to inquire about them, please contact FB Wright.

Innovation not imitation!

Aflex Hose Ltd
The world-wide leading innovators of PTFE hose technologies are proud to share with you our newest and most diverse range to date –


Bioflex Ultra is our ultimate PTFE hose which features a smoothbore inner and convoluted outer patented design, this allows for clean, non turbulent flow while ensuring a high level of flexibility and kink resistance. Bioflex ultra can also offer temperature limits of; -100°F (-73°C) to +500°F (+260°C) on certain specifications of hose. There are many different covers available to be added onto Bioflex Ultra including our fireproof and antistatic EPDM rubber covers. This product is available to purchase in many different sizes and offers full vacuum resistance in any size. For more information or to view the full brochure please click here


Corroline+ has been developed to meet all of the rigorous requirements of today’s chemical production processes while still ensuring our high levels of flexibility, Crush and kink resistance are upheld. Corroline+ is highly durable due to the smoothbore inner and convoluted outer design, This also makes this product fast flowing and easy to clean. Corroline+ has a wide temperature range from -40°F (-40°C) up to +284°F (+140°C) continuous. Corroline+ comes complete with a black EPDM rubber cover which is both antistatic and fireproof. For more information or to view the full brochure please click here


Pharmaline is our high
purity and kink resistant hose range which makes them ideal for use in the pharmaceutical or biotech industries or where total chemical resistance is required. Our range includes the Pharmaline X and Pharmaline N products. Both Our Pharmaline products have a smoothbore inner and convoluted outer design. They are completed with a platinum cured silicone outer cover. Pharmaline has a temperature range of -100°F (-73°C) up to +400°F (+204°C). For more information or to view the full brochure please click here


Corroflon has been designed with a shallow convoluted PTFE liner tube to ensure it remains very tough, exceptionally flexible and fully kink resistant. Corroflon has a wide bore size range – up to 6” (150mm) and can feature a temperature range of -100°F (73°C) to +500°F (260°) when a stainless steel braid is applied. Corroflon as standard comes with a stainless steel or polypropylene braid with Hastelloy or PVDF braids available to special order. Black EPDM rubber or clear silicone cover are the external cover options. For more information or to view the full brochure please click here



All of our products are manufactured and assembled in our state of the art facility and these products allow us to offer a suitable commodity to cover any industry requirement. We also offer a wide range of end fittings from cam & groove fittings to Swivel flange fittings.

Every product in our range will come with full certifications as standard, these include ISO 9001, EN12115, TS16949, and FDA.